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Synote benefits from over 20 years of speech recognition and captioning research to make videos easier to interact with and learn from

Recorded lectures are a valuable resource for students, but finding specific information within videos can be a frustrating and inefficient task. Unlike textbooks, videos are not created with a contents page, page numbers or sections, so it can be difficult for viewers to find the relevant part to watch. Students’ notes can miss 80% of information delivered at lectures, so Synote’s low cost and accurate captioning system makes university courses more accessible and helps boost academic performance.


About Middle Content

Synote has been developed from over 20 years of speech recognition and captioning research in collaboration with some of the world’s leading companies and uses automatic speech recognition to generate captions for lecture videos, with errors corrected by students using a collaborative editor. Corrections are compared for verification and scores given for rewards and motivation. Students know the subject better than captioning companies and engaging with their lectures in this way improves their learning.

Legislation requires captions to make lecture videos accessible but few Universities currently comply because of the high cost of professional captioning. To make things worse for Universities the UK Government has cut the Disabled Students Allowance resulting in Universities losing hundreds of thousands of pounds. Synote’s low-cost efficient service produces captions for lecture videos to benefit all students, and especially disabled students and international students.


About Bottom Content

Synote’s interactive transcript allows viewers to search videos for any word or phrase and replay the video from that point onwards. Screenshots with the corresponding transcript and notes can be printed out with QR codes to replay any part of the recording on any mobile device. Synote can also add interactive quizzes and polls to videos and produce playlists of clips as well as many other features.

Although Synote was originally developed for universities, we are now looking to also enter new markets and so if interactivity to videos could add value, please get in touch and we’d be very happy to discuss how Synote can help you solve your problems.